Friday, July 31, 2009

Akimonkeys in Action: Tooling around

Anjun Ampulius is a big monkey, complete with a Mohawk AND a tail, but even for him, last night's Tool concert was no picnic: a heart warming, but deafening experience. Patriot Center is on my official s#*t list of concert halls to be avoided and possibly razed to the ground. Sound mixing is not brain surgery! The Akimonkey in attendance is still recovering, but enjoying his little Tool: here are some pictures of Anjun holding his brand new weapon: a Kipling monkey sized Tool wrench, procured at the event. I did get a nice, Ouroboros style Tool T-shirt for myself, but it is nowhere near as cute as this keychain... We want to congratule VRN on his excellent taste, and the fact that he sneaked out mid-set to get it for us!

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