Thursday, September 06, 2007

Luciano in Legoland

Few months ago, us and a band of Kipling monkeys flew to California, ostensibly to see San Diego Opera's production of Le Nozze di Figaro (Mariusz Kwiecien as the Count kicked a$$, and one very cool Valkyrie, Ms Sarah Castle, sang a powerhouse Cherubino) . We also visited few chosen places of interest. We had adventures () in the rugged (and surreal: ) landscape, under the CA sky () but we also found out opera in some very unexpected places.
The local Legoland (in Carlsbad, CA) has a small alley with several busts of the chosen famous people made of Legos. There is Einstein, and the Governator and then one statue which will sadly require adjustment of date, but manages to put across that big grin in plastic blocks.

Goodbye, Big Lucy.
I sometimes made fun of you and the hankie and your wonderfully dopey album covers...

but you were something else.

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