Sunday, September 02, 2007

C is for Clean

I have been test driving the new Itunes plus- about which more later- and I decided that it would be good to obtain another recording of Mozart's Mass in C. "Another recording" does not mean getting the umpteenth version of, let's say, Mozart's Requiem (in any case, I only have a dozen of these) but rather getting something new and decent- the only great Mass I have is some ancient Marriner with von Otter and Kiri.
I remembered that Dessay and Gens recorded this recently with Langree. Voila - there it is, available on Itunes Plus. But wait- not only is it 256 bits and DRM free, it also has CLEAN LYRICS!!!!

Thank God, they bleeped out all the offensive Latin bits, but what about these secret hidden Masonic messages in the text? Plus we know how Mozart loved a good fart and ass kissing "on both cheeks". SO is it REALLY safe????
... I have looked at several versions of Carmina Banana on iTunes plus. Ha! No clean up there! So, roasting swans, clergy drinking in taverns, horny rouge touting wenches AND loosening the rims of virginity are OK, but Kyrie Eleison needs to be disinfected?
Totally confuscated now.

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